Amigurumi Elephant 2


One of the ladies who comes to the Wool Haven crochet classes is interested in amigurumi and brought a pattern she purchased from Etsy to show me.


Of course I wanted a shot at it.


The only downside is it’s in US terminology but quite simple one once you get your head rounf the different terms and I think it’ a good one for beginners.

I’ve worked it in  Anchor Creativa Fina 100% cotton, using left over yarn from a previous project and it probably took about half a ball.

I didn’t have any felt for the ears after my bow & flower making the last month so I adapted the ears from the previous elephant I made.

I have also added a chain tail and one day I will get round to embroidering an eye.This uses UK terms

Ears (x2)

  1. Ch 5
  2. dc3, 3dc in one st (last one on the chain), continue stitching on the other side of the chain, dc2, 2dc in one st. (10 sts)
  3. *2dc in one st, dc1* x5 (15 sts)
  4. *2dc in one st, dc2* x5 (20 sts)
  5. dc20
  6. dc20
  7. dc20
  8. *dc2tog, dc2* x5 (15 sts)
  9. dc15
  10. *dc2tog, dc1* x5 (10 sts)
  11. Tie off and leave long end for sewing

Time taken: 3 hours (with distractions)