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Welcome to Ceefer Crafts,

I’ve knitted, crocheted & sewn for as far back as I can remember, taught by my mother who can turn her hand to many skills and is a perfectionist with it. She embodies a “can do” attitude that I try to live up to.

My family moved to Glasgow in 2012 and in 2015 I got the opportunity and time to explore different ways in which I could be creative. And I LOVED IT. 

This was followed by teaching crochet at The Wool Haven in 2016 and monthly Craft Classes at a set of residential homes in 2017.

I may not know exactly what I’m doing all the time but I always give it my best shot and I hope my “students” have as much fun learning as I do. This blog is a record of my attempts; successful or otherwise.

After a year of procrastination my online shop up is now live and I am available to do 1-2-1 crochet tuition (in the Glasgow area) and take commissions. For any of these please contact me here.