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      Last year I contributed to Masato Beanies #Scarfathon. The appeal collected 500 hand-made scarfs for the homeless. The project continues this year and has a new addition #MittenMission.

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    All the Yarn

    All yarn for knitting or crocheting is made from natural or synthetic fibers. Different types have different qualities – some good, some not so good. These can also be blended by manufacturers to offset an undesirable characteristic – such as itchiness – as much as I love pure wool I can’t wear it. I’ve tried to put together some of the most common.

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    Conversion Charts

      Something to be aware of when you start crocheting is there is a difference between UK & US terminology in addition to their different sizing convention for hooks, knitting needles and yarn weights (Australia also has a different version)

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    Big damn hero hat

    I make these hats for friends, based on a certain scifi program (which was cancelled far too soon.) There’s a number of different patterns for it online, so in the end I looked at a few and made my own version. I’ve made these in both  wool (Lopi Lettlopi) and now – after a shrinking incident – acrylic (Deramore’s Studio) I’ve made it in a couple of sizes: Man’s :  25 inch / 64 cm diameter Woman’s : 21 inch / 52 cm diameter Materials 50 g yellow DK 50 g orange DK 50g red DK 6.5 mm double-pointed needles or circular needle Working with 2 threads throughout: Hat Cast…