Big damn hero hat

img_20161208_132841793-948161I make these hats for friends, based on a certain scifi program (which was cancelled far too soon.)

There’s a number of different patterns for it online, so in the end I looked at a few and made my own version.

I’ve made these in both  wool (Lopi Lettlopi) and now – after a shrinking incident – acrylic (Deramore’s Studio)

I’ve made it in a couple of sizes:

  • Man’s :  25 inch / 64 cm diameter
  • Woman’s : 21 inch / 52 cm diameter


  • 50 g yellow DK
  • 50 g orange DK
  • 50g red DK
  • 6.5 mm double-pointed needles or circular needle

Working with 2 threads throughout:


Cast on 72 (84) sts in orange yarn, work in round

Rounds 1 – 3: Rib: knit 1, purl 1.

Rounds 4 – 12, knit.

Round 13, Change to yellow, knit

Rounds 14 – 40 (45 for larger size), knit

Final rounds, Knit 2 together continue until only 6 stitches left (takes 3 – 4 rounds)


Working in red (with 2 threads) pick up 14 (16) stitches – I position each earflap 10 stitches each side of cast on join..

Working in stocking stitch, work 10 rows

Row 11 onward: decrease a stitch at each end until down to 1 stitch. Bind off leaving 3 inch length, attach 2 more to complete tassel.


Make tri-colour pompom either with pompom maker or by wrapping yarn around hand. Attach securely to top of hat.