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    September 2021

    Still busy here at Ceefer Mansions. I’ve now completed my third month back at the residential care homes and the first batch of Crochet for Beginners at The Wool Haven, plus it’s all go in the garden (which gets a post of it’s own) and I have 2 substantial crochet projects on the go.

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    August 2021

    August has simply flown by here at Ceefer Mansions. I’ve been getting back into the routine of my residential home craft classes and preparing for the crochet classes at The Wool Haven in addition to the regular working in the garden and baking.

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    January 2020

    This month has felt very long, which is probably why I’ve been able to write this post on the 28th. Already settled back into the routine of Crochet & Residential Care Home Classes, in the latter we were making pictures to fit into fridge magnet photo frames. In between classes I’ve been busy crocheting and even a little gardening.

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    July & August 2019

    Despite this being a double month, there’s been very little crafting going on. Life got in the way with summer holidays and a house move.

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    March 2019

    My month has been bookend by work on 2 pompom rugs for my daughter, but I have managed to squeeze in a couple of other projects as well as a few classes.

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    Introduction to Amigurumi

    Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting stuffed toys. There are no restrictions in size or set style despite the usual expectation that they will be small. The term is an merging of the words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll.

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    Amigurumi Baymax

    My New Year blog post catch up continues. I’m now working through all the part written posts.  I started this last August, it’s only been on hold because I hadn’t embroidered the eyes. That’s been rectified today so I can get it marked off. Sometimes I volunteer to do things without really knowing if I can.  “Sure I can make a Baymax” being a case in point.