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    Amigurumi Elephant 2

      One of the ladies who comes to the Wool Haven crochet classes is interested in amigurumi and brought a pattern she purchased from Etsy to show me. Of course I wanted a shot at it.  

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    Decorative jar cover

    This started as a “can you translate the pattern” project although I’m pretty sure the lady who asked would have worked it out the tricky bit by herself in time.

  • Crochet


    I was asked to bring in some decorative flower patterns for the crochet class, so I chose these 3 to show how easy it is to crochet varying types.

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    All the Yarn

    All yarn for knitting or crocheting is made from natural or synthetic fibers. Different types have different qualities – some good, some not so good. These can also be blended by manufacturers to offset an undesirable characteristic – such as itchiness – as much as I love pure wool I can’t wear it. I’ve tried to put together some of the most common.