King Cole Dish Cloth & Craft Cotton

I came home from the Wool Haven’s crochet class with two balls of King Cole Dish Cloth & Craft Cotton to try; one in cream (2311), the other in fuchsia (2313)

King Cole describe it as having “a unique handle”. It has a fibrous texture which is slightly abrasive/ The central thread seems thin when you look at it however it is recommended you work it on 6 mm hook/needles which gives a light open fabric.

I wouldn’t want to use a smaller hook as I found the foundation chains quite fiddly to work into however it got easier to work as the piece progressed but by then my index finger on my left hand was getting saw from it’s abrasive texture. It’s not a yarn I would go out of my way to use but I can see it being useful for a limited number of pieces.

The cream I used to make dishcloths, I started with a 9 in square worked in double crochet – 21 sts x 30 rows

This was followed by another mixing double & treble crochet – 3 rows of dc, 12 rows tr, 3 rows dc

And I finished the reminder off to make a 9 x 6 inch piece in dc, 21 rows.

I think I could get 3 x 8 inch squares out of 1 ball.

I didn’t want to make any more dish cloths and I thought the yarn might be too abrasive for facial cleansing cloths so i used the fuchsia to make a bath scrunchie. These are really easy and work on similar principles curly cues

You can get 2 small scruchies or 1 large from a 100 gm ball.

  • First form hanging loop, around 30 – 40 chain, join with slst
  • Ch 5, join with slst. This firms the center of the scrunchie
  • Round 1: Ch 1, then dc into center loop, between 20 & 30. the more you can get in the better
  • Round 2: Ch2, 3 tr into each dc of the previous round, slst to join round
  • Round 3: Ch2, 3 tr into each tr of the previous round, slst to join round
  • You can stop here, scrunchie will be about 12 cm (4.5 inches) diameter and you can get 2 out of one 100 gm ball
  • Round 4: Ch2, 3 tr into each tr of the previous round,
    slst to join round . This gives a fuller 15 cm (6 inch) diameter scrunchie