• Gardening

    Garden March 2021

    I’ve just read through February/March’s post for last year and looking back I think we may be doing better than we were this time last year.

  • Crochet

    Taking Control

    I’m not suddenly branching out into lifestyle advice, I’ve finally got round to writing up my alterations to the Control Issues Granny Square It’s my favourite granny square pattern but it’s written to be worked in aran weight yarn and on a 5mm hook, whereas I tend to use DK and 4mm. This has meant that I’ve had to add 2 rows of double crochet and I think it loses something with that.

  • Chat

    February 2021

    February has been quite busy for a short month, it doesn’t seem five minutes since my last post!

  • Chat

    January 2021

    <taps mic> Is this thing on? Thought it was about time I started the monthly round up again.

  • Baking

    Cheesy soft rolls

    I saw this recipe in a sourdough bread group on FB. It’s great to prepare one day ready for breakfast the next morning. Also nice with a bit of balsamic vinegar although my husband prefers a dash of Henderson’s Relish. I keep threatening to add a touch of marmite but as I’m the only one who likes it I’d have to eat all the rolls….

  • Baking

    Sourdough Pita

    I’ve been doing quite well with my bakers yeast based pita (making a batch every other week) but the sourdough way of life tends to take over and so it’s time to try out a new recipe.