Stitch Sampler Scrapghan CAL 2021

Another one in the well overdue blogs list

Last January I started Hooked On Homemade Happiness’s Stitch Sampler Scrapghan CAL. A good way to reduce my stash AND practice some new stitches.

I did a thread on it as I was working but the paln was to also write a blog post and as I’ve jusr been tidying up my laptop and found these images I thought I better get on with it.

You’ll see from the images I’ve already added the border (in gray) so that the squares are of equal size, approximately 23 cm (9″). All were worked Stylecraft Special DK on a 4mm hook

Part 1: Suzette Stitch – Empire, was reworked to be smaller than pattern as much bigger than others

Part 2: Waffle Stitch – Pistachio, again was reworked at end of projected as much larger than others

Part 3: Harlequin Stitch – Jaffa

Part 4: Alpine Stitch – Raspberry – had to rework with 4 less stitches per row as it was much bigger than previous squares

Part 5: Elizabeth Stitch – Citron, not sure why this isn’t as bright as it should be

Part 6: Jacob’s Ladder Stitch – Kerry Green was reworked with an extra ladder

Part 7: Basketweave Stitch – Empire

Part 8: Tulip Stitch – Pistachio

Part 9: Even Berry Stitch – Jaffa

Part 10: Bobble Stitch – Raspberry

Part 11: Braided Cable Stitch – Citron, was running out of yarn at this point

Part 12: Spider Stitch – Kelly green and again running low on yarn

A fun project overall but no more blankets for a while as we are inundated with them.