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    September 2021

    Still busy here at Ceefer Mansions. I’ve now completed my third month back at the residential care homes and the first batch of Crochet for Beginners at The Wool Haven, plus it’s all go in the garden (which gets a post of it’s own) and I have 2 substantial crochet projects on the go.

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    August 2021

    August has simply flown by here at Ceefer Mansions. I’ve been getting back into the routine of my residential home craft classes and preparing for the crochet classes at The Wool Haven in addition to the regular working in the garden and baking.

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    July 2021

    The strap line for this month is “I’m back!” At the residential care homes at least, the crochet classes will begin soon.

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    Taking Control

    I’m not suddenly branching out into lifestyle advice, I’ve finally got round to writing up my alterations to the Control Issues Granny Square It’s my favourite granny square pattern but it’s written to be worked in aran weight yarn and on a 5mm hook, whereas I tend to use DK and 4mm. This has meant that I’ve had to add 2 rows of double crochet and I think it loses something with that.

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    February 2021

    February has been quite busy for a short month, it doesn’t seem five minutes since my last post!

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    January 2021

    <taps mic> Is this thing on? Thought it was about time I started the monthly round up again.

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    June 2020

    It’s almost half way through July and we’re still living in Groundhog Day. I’ve still been keeping myself busy in the garden and kitchen which has lead to this post being delayed. I find it’s the best way for me to cope, I don’t think about the “old normal” and I certainly don’t plan for the new, I’m just grateful that I have space to lose myself in, whether it is knocking back a batch of bread or weeding a border.

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    May 2020

    This month seems to have gone faster, although I’m still finding it difficult to differentiate between individual days. The good weather makes lockdown easier, you’re never bored with a garden and I am immensely grateful for that