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    Needle felt

    I’ve never been interested in the tradition wet felting techniques, probably because I’ve shrunk too many jumpers by accident, but needle (or dry) felting has so many permutations from small figures to pictures that it has grabbed my interest.

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    Amigurumi Elephant 2

      One of the ladies who comes to the Wool Haven crochet classes is interested in amigurumi and brought a pattern she purchased from Etsy to show me. Of course I wanted a shot at it.  

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    Bit of fundraising

    This month I started running craft sessions at number of local care homes as a result I have 9 example pieces left over. So that I don’t end up over run with these every month, I’ve decided to sell them to raise money for the Masato Beanies homeless fund. For each one sold I will donate £1 to the fund and if I clear all 9 will round it up to £10.

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    Felt work assorted

    In order to give a range of examples for my craft classes this month I did a few other small projects in felt this week to give an alternative to the felt flower brooches

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    Felt brooches

    Been a while since I posted anything; the summer holidays have been busy including rewriting the crochet class handout for the Wool Haven. New & improved and now with photos – taken patiently & expertly by ScribbleWolf so they are of a much better quality then my efforts. The first block of classes using it finished last Saturday and I have to admit I am much happier with this new version.

  • Crochet

    Popcorn Granny Squares

    These squares have been made in Stylecraft Special DK, the larger 30 cm /12 inch in Spice, the smaller 15 cm / 6 inch in Boysenberry. (It looks pinker in real life) I’ve done patterns for 2 different ways to do a popcorn stitch and for 2 different sizes.

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    Yarn cake scarf

    Sometimes a yarn is so nice you buy it without knowing what you want it for. That is how I was when is saw the new yarn cakes stocked at the Wool Haven. It’s so squishy!