Chainless Starting Treble Crochet

Tamara at the Moogly blog put out a revised version of her chainless starting double crochet (what I would call a treble crochet). I had tried her previous version and just couldn’t get it but the penny dropped with this one straight away.

The video is here. Unlike many crochet instructional videos  I find the Moogly ones to be clear and straight forward. Normally my brain tends to work better with step by step in photos.

I’m going to be showing it to my crochet class this week and as I’m doing a handout with  I thought it would be as easy to put them up here too.

Here we have a standard piece worked in treble crochet with 3 turning chains as the first stitch on the row, slight wobbly and bulging out a bit.1

To do a chainless treble crochet  you pull the loop so it the height of a standard treble crochet. Make sure your finger is holding the loop firmly on the hook.

Then twist the loop around the hook to make the yarn over of the treble crochet, remember to hold the loop firmly with your finger or it will unwind.

We continue working as if a normal treble crochet by inserting the hook into the first stitch and pulling through a loop.

Yarn round hook again and pull through two loops. (The second loop is the twist of the original chain)

Then yarn round hook again and pull through the final two loops.

Continue treble crocheting as normal…

The chainless treble crochet lines up better giving more even sides.