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    Twiddle muff

    Twiddle muffs are some times used to help people with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, autism or learning difficulties. The textures & embellishments give them something to do with their hands, distracting from picking at their skin or pulling at medical equipment and bandages. They are constructed as a muff rather than a blanket as they can be slipped onto an arm with less chance of being dropped.

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    WWKIPDAY 2017

    Last Saturday was World Wide Knit In Public Day (us crafters do like our acronyms)  so I tootled down to Dalgarven Mill in Kilwinning to catch up with some very lovely ladies I haven’t seen in far too long. (It meant I missed the Wool Haven’s first birthday and their WWKIP event – so it would be appreciated if someone could invent either a time machine or cloning device)

  • Crochet


    This was a quick addition to the Cat Hat and Wristwarmers set using up the remaining yarn.

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    Cat hat

    This was made for Christmas as a special request with matching Wristwarmers and CowlCowl. It was the forerunner for the selection of tea bag hats made for the Wool Haven classes and has only taken this long to be posted because I forgot to take pictures at the time.

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    Crocheted Elf Shoes

    I’ve tried a knitted version of these and thought there had to be a way to do them in crochet, this is my first attempt. Should fit a size 6/7 I used James C Brett Marble Chunky (used colours 43 & 46) with a 5 mm hook. Unlike the knitted pair these are made with only 1 strand of yarn as I found 2 even on a larger hook was too thick. Stitches used dc – double crochet dc2tog – double crochet 2 together dc3tog – double crochet 3 together Shoe  Foundation chain 19 1. dc to end (19sts) 2. dc 8, inc, dc, inc, dc 8 (21sts) 3. dc 9, inc, dc,…

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    Knitted “Elf Boots”

    While at the Hobbycraft fair two weeks ago I was initially deafened by my friend shouting “ELF BOOTS!” which she followed with puppy eyes until I said I would make her a pair as a very early Christmas present.