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    Crochet Hearts

    Here’s a selection of heart patterns I use. Sweetie hearts The folowing patterns use US terms, so you need to remember to convert them to UK terminology Little hearts

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    Swirl heart

    This comes from a photocopied pattern I was asked to decipher by a Wool Haven class member. It is not a pattern I would normally give to beginners although it does make you very aware of the different stitches available. The original pattern was set up to be felted – something I haven’t done with mine yet (mainly because it took so long to work out I didn’t want to risk ruining it) Require: 5mm hook – need to crochet loosely if you want to felt Wool yarn suitable to felt Stitches sl st – Slip Stitch ch – chain dc – double crochet htc – half treble crochet tc…