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    May 2020

    This month seems to have gone faster, although I’m still finding it difficult to differentiate between individual days. The good weather makes lockdown easier, you’re never bored with a garden and I am immensely grateful for that

  • Crochet

    Caron Cake Triangular Scarf

    I was very aware that I hadn’t got round to working with a cake yarn despite admiring many other people’s projects so I picked a ball up in February with one of my yarn orders for the pompom rug.

  • Crafts

    Weaving – bitten by the bug

    In May last year I took my daughter to a local Community Heritage Day Amongst the wide variety of skills to try were spinning and weaving. Now I don’t have room to start spinning my own yarn but weaving can be done on a small-scale (and could help use up my yarn stash) I’m not keen on the little loom frame kits you can get as I find using a needle to weave the threads very frustrating. I could remember having a toy loom as a child in the 70s which had a bar which I could turn which would lift and lower the threads so I could pass a shuttle through.…

  • Crochet

    Yarn cake scarf

    Sometimes a yarn is so nice you buy it without knowing what you want it for. That is how I was when is saw the new yarn cakes stocked at the Wool Haven. It’s so squishy!  

  • Knitting

    Quick scarf

    I’ve never been very good at keeping records of quick projects so I’m hoping that having this blog gets me into the habit. Last weekend when chatting with some friends I offered to make one a scarf.  I asked him what his favourite colour was and so I had an actual excuse to buy new yarn on my next visit to the Wool Haven – other than “It’s so pretty/fluffy!” He’d asked for red. I wanted a strong colour but not pillarbox so selected King Cole Super Chunky Twist in Claret Twist. The flecks of other colours gives it a bit more interest without taking away the depth of red. The yarn is 100% acrylic…

  • Crochet

    Simple scarf

    This is a pattern that I like a lot, I originally did it on a 4 mm hook (which results in a denser texture) but now have moved to 6mm; it gives the scarf a softer feel without losing the stitch definition. Normally I would do a turning chain at the start of each row, I haven’t with this one as I find it makes the ends look uneven. This is just my personal preference. Scarf size: 51 inches / 130 cm x 5 inches / 13 cm Materials 100g of DK yarn 6mm hook Pattern Cast on 128 stitches Row 1, Double crochet to end Row 2, onward: Double crotchet into…