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      Last year I contributed to Masato Beanies #Scarfathon. The appeal collected 500 hand-made scarfs for the homeless. The project continues this year and has a new addition #MittenMission.

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    Bit of fundraising

    This month I started running craft sessions at number of local care homes as a result I have 9 example pieces left over. So that I don’t end up over run with these every month, I’ve decided to sell them to raise money for the Masato Beanies homeless fund. For each one sold I will donate £1 to the fund and if I clear all 9 will round it up to £10.

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    WWKIPDAY 2017

    Last Saturday was World Wide Knit In Public Day (us crafters do like our acronyms)  so I tootled down to Dalgarven Mill in Kilwinning to catch up with some very lovely ladies I haven’t seen in far too long. (It meant I missed the Wool Haven’s first birthday and their WWKIP event – so it would be appreciated if someone could invent either a time machine or cloning device)