Wool Haven Classes


It dawned on me that the thing I blog least about is the thing I do most. So in an attempt to set that right I thought I’d do a post on my crochet classes.

We started running a Beginners’ Crochet Class in October 2016 and have completed the 13th this morning. Number 14 is already booked up to start 17th February.

I can’t say the classes are routine; every group is very different and I’ve met some remarkable women over the 16 months. It makes getting up early(ish) on a Saturday morning worth while.

The setting for the classes is very important, the Wool Haven is a cosy yarn shop and Frances,¬†Sandra & Eleanor all make their customers welcome. To be honest there have been a few non-class days when I’ve felt like hightailing it up there (with a crochet project) just for the atmosphere.

And the yarn, they have lovely yarn as my ever-increasing stash can attest. It’s all so squishable.

This is me squishing balls of wool in the shop

Ahem. back to the class.

There is a layout for the 4 week classes. Working with a small group of 6 or 7 allows some degree of flexibility, hopefully enabling everyone to go at their own pace. Some things get moved forward or back depending on how people get on.

Basic plan

  • Week 1
    • Brief introduction to different types of crochet and equipment
    • Foundation chains
    • Double crochet
    • Then depending how fast people pick it up, half trebles and treble crochet
    • This week’s pattern: dishcloth
  • Week 2
    • This week’s pattern: hats
    • Half-treble
    • Working in back loops
    • Joining using double crochet.
  • Week 3
    • This week’s pattern: granny squares
    • Magic loop/ring
    • Treble crochet
    • Changing colours
  • Week 4
    • This week’s pattern: no sew cotton bag
    • Decreasing/Increasing
    • Curlie-cues
    • Going over areas that anyone isn’t confident with
    • Advice on projects anyone wants to start

Over the past year the small handout I originally provided has expanded thanks to a friend who patiently took photos while I crocheted. There’s a lot of YouTube videos out there (of varying quality) showing people how to crochet but my brain works better with step by step photographs.

I’ve learnt a lot during these classes, having to think about what I do and hopefully not pass on too many bad habits.

I think the main points for those taking up crochets are:

  • The first row is a nightmare – for EVERYONE.
    • I hate the first row but once you get past it everything gets better
  • The better the knitter you are, the harder you are on yourself learning to crochet
    • Crochet is different, you need to un-learn some habits
  • You will struggle until you get the hand that feeds the yarn right.
    • This is often the reason people’s tension is too tight
    • Start off loose, it is more important to learn how to do the stitch correctly, speed & tension will improve in time with practice
  • Practice
    • Little and often is best
    • If you get stressed, STOP

And finally, there are no* new mistakes any error you might make someone has already done it.

*Some have made a good attempt ?