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    Garden February/March 2020

    February was wet and I spent most of it grumbling that I couldn’t get out in it. We ended up planting our first early potatoes in tubs because they were determined to grow, luckily we had somewhere to store them so they weren’t outside and *fingers crossed* we should get decent crop off them.

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    January 2020 Garden

    This was supposed to be part of my overall January post but as you can see it got quite long. The mild winter (so far) has meant that there are plants budding all over the garden. There is a standard rose about to flower in my front garden!

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    All the Rs

    Continuing tidying the fruit section of the left hand border, I renovate the Redcurrant bush, remove some rampaging Raspberries and reposition some Rhubarb. And that’s enough of the alliteration.