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    Tidying up

    A post about other people’s work. The pile of assorted paperwork was at risk of a landslide this morning so drastic measures (filing) was required.

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    Jewellery making class

    Last year I took glass beads into the residential homes and for some reason didn’t blog it, so I’ve put the pictures from those classes at the bottom of this post.

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    Classes 2018

    Following my to do list in the previous post, it was nice to have my Residential Home classes confirmed this morning for the rest of the year. I enjoy doing them and it is good to hear positive feedback from both the residents and staff.

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    Felt brooches

    Been a while since I posted anything; the summer holidays have been busy including rewriting the crochet class handout for the Wool Haven. New & improved and now with photos – taken patiently & expertly by ScribbleWolf so they are of a much better quality then my efforts. The first block of classes using it finished last Saturday and I have to admit I am much happier with this new version.