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    Garden, July & August 2021

    I have to admit that I by the time I got round to thinking about July’s post it was practically time to do August’s. It’s a lot more fun being in the garden than writing about it, but I need to do this if I want to be able to refer back to it

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    Garden, May & June 2021

    The garden is where most of my attention has been for the last 2 months. In fact the only reason I’m not out there right now is due to the very heavy rain showers. I’m not complaining it saves me from watering and the plants all need a good drink. (Yes I’ve hit that age)

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    Garden March 2021

    I’ve just read through February/March’s post for last year and looking back I think we may be doing better than we were this time last year.

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    June 2020

    It’s almost half way through July and we’re still living in Groundhog Day. I’ve still been keeping myself busy in the garden and kitchen which has lead to this post being delayed. I find it’s the best way for me to cope, I don’t think about the “old normal” and I certainly don’t plan for the new, I’m just grateful that I have space to lose myself in, whether it is knocking back a batch of bread or weeding a border.

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    May 2020

    This month seems to have gone faster, although I’m still finding it difficult to differentiate between individual days. The good weather makes lockdown easier, you’re never bored with a garden and I am immensely grateful for that

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    April 2020

    Seems ages since my last monthly update, I’m finding lockdown throws out my sense of time. Weeks blur together without the normal routine of school and work.

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    Garden February/March 2020

    February was wet and I spent most of it grumbling that I couldn’t get out in it. We ended up planting our first early potatoes in tubs because they were determined to grow, luckily we had somewhere to store them so they weren’t outside and *fingers crossed* we should get decent crop off them.

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    September 2019

    Apart from my classes it’s been fairly quiet month on the crafting side. Been finishing off unpacking and most of remaining my free time has been spent in the garden.

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    A walk in the garden

    We’ve recently moved and our new home has a much larger garden. I come from a family of gardeners and have a lot of plans for this space. I can see the garden taking priority over crafting during the summer months and thought it might be an idea to record my progress here as I’m trying to stay in the habit of blogging.