• Gardening

    All the Rs

    Continuing tidying the fruit section of the left hand border, I renovate the Redcurrant bush, remove some rampaging Raspberries and reposition some Rhubarb. And that’s enough of the alliteration.

  • Gardening

    Odds and ends

    We’ve been popping into garden centres the last few weeks in case there were any end of season bargains that could be useful for next year’s gardening and I’ve discovered my daughter is a pity gardener; she likes to rescue plants from the clearance section. So we’ve got a few unplanned acquisitions. I find that plants either thrive or die when I’m looking after them so we’ll have to see how they do.

  • Gardening

    Bramble patch

    Day 3. For the first few days I worked the border from the house towards the back gate, I didn’t want to continue that as next up was the raspberries which were just starting to fruit. So instead I started from the back gate, which had weeds coming in from the back lane and worked back towards the house.

  • Gardening

    Just a little brute strength

    Day 2 in the garden, tidying the first section of the border had taken me up to the Winter Flowering Jasmine. It had grown through & over one of the lavenders overflowing onto the path.

  • Gardening

    Getting dug in

    (Oh yes, there’s a whole new world of bad puns I can tap into now 😆) As I said in my previous post I intended to tidy up the left hand border of the garden first. It’s a good length so I knew it would take a few days.

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    A walk in the garden

    We’ve recently moved and our new home has a much larger garden. I come from a family of gardeners and have a lot of plans for this space. I can see the garden taking priority over crafting during the summer months and thought it might be an idea to record my progress here as I’m trying to stay in the habit of blogging.