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    January 2020 Garden

    This was supposed to be part of my overall January post but as you can see it got quite long. The mild winter (so far) has meant that there are plants budding all over the garden. There is a standard rose about to flower in my front garden!

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    January 2020

    This month has felt very long, which is probably why I’ve been able to write this post on the 28th. Already settled back into the routine of Crochet & Residential Care Home Classes, in the latter we were making pictures to fit into fridge magnet photo frames. In between classes I’ve been busy crocheting and even a little gardening.

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    December 2019

    Nearly forgot to do this post, the “annual review” ticked off the “I’ve summarised stuff” in my head, but thanks to my second year of Bullet Journalling I’m being slightly more organised.

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    2019 Review

    Last year’s review was quite useful in helping me set targets so I’m giving it another go. 2019’s Targets Continue classes at Wool Haven and residential homes In 2018 7 sets of beginners classes & 1 intermediate  at the Wool Haven A full year of residential home classes at 5 homes plus a new one started in September. 2019 was disrupted slightly by a house move but we still managed to squeeze in 7 sets of beginners and 2 mornings each of Tunisian and Amigurumi introductions. Thanks to the lurgy I missed doing residential home classes in January so didn’t get a full set there. On the plus side a…

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    November 2019

    What a month, in addition to my normal classes I had to prepare for two ArtSpace G41 Christmas Fayres which meant I was crocheting like mad. I’ve put pictures of some of the items I’ve made this month at the bottom of this post.

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    October 2019

    Where is the time running away to? It’s been a busy month in the Ceefer Crafts home, daughter’s birthday and a short trip to family ate up the first third of the month.

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    September 2019

    Apart from my classes it’s been fairly quiet month on the crafting side. Been finishing off unpacking and most of remaining my free time has been spent in the garden.

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    A walk in the garden

    We’ve recently moved and our new home has a much larger garden. I come from a family of gardeners and have a lot of plans for this space. I can see the garden taking priority over crafting during the summer months and thought it might be an idea to record my progress here as I’m trying to stay in the habit of blogging.

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    June 2019

    Another month has flown past and that’s still my excuse for the delayed post. Which is additionally embarrassing as it’s such a short one. ? I had hoped to complete all the squares for my flower blanket but due to classes, impromptu furniture painting and a lost crochet hook I’m about a week behind where I should be.