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    Art Space G41 Christmas Fayre

    Another overdue blog post ūüė≥ and no excuse really as it’s only going to be a short one. Early October I saw a shout out from Art Space G41 for artists and crafters to take part in their first Christmas Fayre.

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    2018 Review

    It’s the 10th January already? I guess I’m not that late for my year end review. 2018 was the first year in which I’ve sat down, wrote and published targets on how I wanted to take Ceefer Crafts. I guess ingrained Performance Officer habits are hard to break no matter how hard I try

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    Tidying up

    A post about other people’s work. The pile of assorted paperwork was at risk of a landslide this morning so drastic measures (filing) was required.

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    Classes 2018

    Following my to do list in the previous post, it was nice to have my Residential Home classes confirmed this morning for the rest of the year. I enjoy doing them and it is good to hear positive feedback from both the residents and staff.

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    Bit of fundraising

    This month I started running craft sessions at number of local care homes as a result I have 9 example pieces left over.¬†So that I don’t end up over run with these every month, I’ve decided to sell them to raise money for the¬†Masato Beanies¬†homeless fund. For each one sold I will donate ¬£1 to the fund and if I clear all 9 will round it up to ¬£10.

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    WWKIPDAY 2017

    Last Saturday was World Wide Knit In Public Day¬†(us crafters do like our acronyms) ¬†so I tootled down to Dalgarven Mill in Kilwinning to catch up with some very lovely ladies I haven’t seen in far too long. (It meant I missed the Wool Haven’s first birthday and their WWKIP event – so it would be appreciated if someone could invent either a time machine or cloning device)

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    The only downside to crafting and blogging is¬†it is so easy to get caught up with the crafting that you forget to blog about it – or as in my case have about 5 blogposts/projects almost but not quite finished. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, 2 new crochet classes started at the Wool Haven and then a day out at the Hobbycrafts Show at the SECC¬†which provided a lot of inspiration and a few projects. Something I’ve thought about trying is crocheting with wire & beads, I’ve seen it on YouTube and in books, but¬†never got round to doing it. Now I’ve seen it I am definitely going…

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    Work in progress

    I’ve been procrastinating all summer; not working on this blog because I wanted it to be perfect. Then I realised today if I had that attitude with my crafting I’d never get anything done. The FEAR¬†that it won’t be good enough, or that I shouldn’t be doing this – who am I to try to learn new skills at my age. I’m not “arty” I shouldn’t even be considering doing it. That is what I’ve been going up against these last couple of years, that I’m only playing, well the inner voices can¬†shut up. This site isn’t perfect, it could be messy. But that’s how I craft.