Garden, July & August 2021

I have to admit that I by the time I got round to thinking about July’s post it was practically time to do August’s. It’s a lot more fun being in the garden than writing about it, but I need to do this if I want to be able to refer back to it

It’s all been about harvesting, we’ve not been sucessful with everything but somethings can only have been described as bountiful

Really pleased with our fruit this year, started July with rhubarb and strawberries, by mid July the blackberries and blueberries and redcurrants were ready, followesd closely with the gooseberries. We had quite a steady supply of fruit over these weeks and now in late August the raspberries, my favourite, are ready. These were a bonus as I had moved them last year and so didn’t expect much. They didn’t look much at the start of July but then shot up after the rain and are now heavy with fruit.

Any fruit not used immediately has been frozen, means the pressure wasn’t one me to preserve straight away (as we stil have 4 jars of redcurrant jelly lefover from last year) will also allow us to have something from the garden out of season

July also saw the start of a regular potato havest, followed by garlic and then shallots and brown onions, the reds took a little longer to be ready.

It has been so nice being able to wander out into the garden and pick the vegetables we need for a meal. The workroom is now starting to look like a root celler as we have all the alliums hanging dor storage. Any unsuitable onions (too small or unlikely to store) have been either batch chopped and frozen or pickled.

The French beans didn’t get very big, I know where I went wrong, but they really did produce. I can’t wait to have another go at these next year, they’ve spoilt me for goin back to shop bought.

The kohl rabi has done really well as it was out of date seed, it also has been sliced and frozen as I’m saving it for gratins and stews in colder weather.

The carrots were another “plant it and see.” I did 2 lots, some in felt potato bags and the others sown between the onions. Those in the bags produced lovely little baby carrots where as we got bigger ones in soil although they did have some interesting shapes. No carrot fly which was my main concern so will try growing them again next year.

The pepetual spinach has done really well, a couple bolted in the hot weather but a much better crop then I expected. The salad leaves, and beetroot also suffered from this so I’m going to keep the right hand bed for plants that like it a bit cooler and rotate the others round the left hand, central and back beds.

The curly kale, which was a freebie, from McLarens, has done exceptionally well.

And we mangaged to get a couple of sweetcorn, which when I think Iabout how much trouble I had getting them to germinate. I’ll do better next year with different compost. The butternut quash has produced a lot of leaves and there’s a couple of baby squash. I’ll have to remember to pinch out the ends sooner next year, their engery has gone into leaf formation.

Less sucessful this year (so far) is the celery, celeriac, cabbage (eaten by catepillars) salad leaves and radishes!

I’ve also spent some time in August taking cuttings for next year and generallly trying to catch up on weeding.

Will finish off this month with a September picture of my dahlias