August 2021

August has simply flown by here at Ceefer Mansions. I’ve been getting back into the routine of my residential home craft classes and preparing for the crochet classes at The Wool Haven in addition to the regular working in the garden and baking.

So let’s deal with them in order, first up the craft classes, I’ve been easing the residents back in with a program of favourite activities. Some of the residents have reduced memory and I hoped that while they may not remember me they might remember doing the activies. It has helped in a couple of cases and has the added advantage that it’s projects that are more likely to catch the interest of newbies.

A major issue with crafting with seniors is getting them to do things “just because it’s fun.” I found this when I first started the classes, many want to make things that have a use and that they see a lot of activities as pointless. I never force them to give the activities a go and I find that as long as there is one person each group that’s willing to try the project the other’s curiosity usually wins them over. We may have a few months of “you tell me what you want and I’ll do it” but eventually I get them joining in. It’s amazing how not wanting to miss out gets them

This month we were decorating canvas tote bags but rather than painting them I spent an afternoon cutting up carboard into a selection of shapes to print with. Rectangles, triangles of different sizes and circles, ovals, crescents. The former can be bent to give handles to hold while printing but the latter require them adding.

So all we needed then was some acrylic paint, some carboard inners (to lean on and stop the paint going through to the other side of the bag) and a lot of baby wipes to clean up the mess!

Really excited to be getting back to The Wool Haven, it won’t be quite the same with Covid restrictions but while we’ve been off I’ve tightened up the course material and hopefully our ladies will have a lot of fun. And I’ve taken this opportunity to give all my sample pieces a good wash

The main difference this month is I’m back to regular crocheting, I’ve been testing out a few patterns from Hanna at Germander Cottage Crafts and it gave me the kick start I needed. Of course I’ve ended up adapting things and so what was meant to be a lacy crop tee has ended up a big baggy jumper, but that more a case of me starting the pattern and not stopping. It’s great not the temperature has dropped a few degrees, just enough extra warmth over a t-shirt without overheating.

Then at the end of the month, I got a sightly cryptic message from a friend…

  • Can you make me a lot of Moogles for my Comic Con outfit
  • What’s a Moogle?
  • Here’s the pattern
  • Okay….
  • How many?
  • It’s for my costume
  • Here’s a picture

I’m going to be making a lot, basically keeping going until we cover her. This is going to be a long term on-going project where I alternate Moogles with other things so I don’t lose the will to live. 🙂

And if you didn’t know what a Moogle is…

My main fear is they don’t start a turf battle with the baby aliens….

A project Teen & I had been planning to do all summer, and I scraped in just before she went back to school, was to make some tenticle earrings. We roped in the Moogle friend as she’s the arty one.

Then to finish off this post with a plug for Uncommon Works I bought this great stamp from them, which I’ll be using to stamp anything suitable and possibly unsuitable. Really well made, great customer service and very fast delivery.