July 2021

The strap line for this month is “I’m back!”

At the residential care homes at least, the crochet classes will begin soon.

There’s been a few changes since I was last in the care homes, it was so good to see some familiar faces and to welcome some new residents to the groups. There was however some gaps around the table and that made this month tough.

I’m also going to make some changs in how I write up the classes, I’m not going to make up a seperate post each month unless there something completely new. And because my tech support tells me off if I add too many pictures to my post you’ll only get a few here with a link to most of them on Twitter.

I’ve spent most of this month playing in the garden (which will still get a post of it’s own) but thanks to Hanna at Germander Cottage Crafts I did pick up my crochet hook to do her Shell Stitch Cowl using oddments of West Yorkshire Spinners Florist Collection. I’ll confess I still need to weave the ends in and block it but I think it’s turned out really nicely and I needed a change from blankets, aliens and dragonstitch.

With work back in the diary I’ve picked up my journals again, now all I have to do is stick to my routines.

I didn’t realise how tired I was before lockdown, I’d been busy almost every day. I mean I’m still busy, I don’t like being bored but I’ve been working to my own clock, not someone elses and while I know I have to start re-engaging with the world I’m going to do it at my own pace.

Part of this will be totally disengaging with Facebook. I can’t put in the hours to push Ceefer Crafts on it properly so I’m half and half on whether to close the page completely or just continue posting from Insta, it’s not even a shop window. I’ve already taking it off my phone and I’m down to checking it to less than once a week.

Finishing off with a kitchen round up.

Manged to squeeze some foraging in to make Elderflower Cordial, this has also been the month of Morning Rolls although I haven’t found my perfect recipe yet, it will go up once I’ve cracked them. The gougeres recipe also need writing up. On the plus side I have found the perfect Chocolate cake, there’s a batch cooling on the table right now and that is up on the site.