Garden, May & June 2021

The garden is where most of my attention has been for the last 2 months. In fact the only reason I’m not out there right now is due to the very heavy rain showers. I’m not complaining it saves me from watering and the plants all need a good drink. (Yes I’ve hit that age)

As lot has happened so I’ll do a quick run through by section, starting with fruit.

The fruit trees we bought last autumn look to be doing well, the prunus didn’t come to anything but 4 out of 5 is good. We’ve since replaced it with a Honeyberry (related to a honeysuckle) and have already had a few berries off it.

I also picked up another blueberry as there was only one in situ and I believe they do better as multiples.

First year harvesting from the strawberries and we’ve already had 1/2 kilo off them. Rhubarb has been producing steadily and we’re seeing fruit come on the raspberries, redcurrant and gooseberries.

Veg patch is almost full; potatoes in the left (and overspill into the back section

Left Potatoes, some overspill into back section
CenterFront to back: Cabbage, Red cabbage, Khol Rabi, Celeriac, Beetroot,Perpetual Spinach, Curly Kale
RightLeft to right: Brown onions, Red Onions & Shallots, have sown some carrots between the rows
BackFrench beans, Sweetcorn & Butternut Squash

We’re just starting to lift potatoes so I’m filling the gaps with celery and salad leaves

The wild patch to the right of the garage is coming along, and I’ve added a few bluebells to both it and in between the ferns behind the water butt & compost heaps on the left.

Flower beds

The landlady let me remove the huge hebe in the front garden, I like them as shrubs but it was taking up about a third of the bed.

After filling a full wheelie bin and moving a lot of bluebells next to the garage…


I’ve added more perennials and bedding plants since then. I’d say buying plants is almost a compulsion but you know it’s hopefully adding beauty PLUS helping the pollinators .

We went to Dobbies last weekend as I wanted to try their peat free compost, the bag I’d been using was from Homebase and to be honest it was rubbish.

My seedling growth had been stunted, I thought I was doing something wrong, and had varied location and watering but it dawned on me they improved dramatically if I’d planted them outside or potted them on with a different compost.

While we were there we visited the sad aisle and I get a couple of geraniums for £1 each. Then my husband suggested we visit McLaren’s as we needed a walk, and it is huge. Well it would be rude not to buy anything….

But the bonus was we got our veg plugs for free and they said help yourself to some bedding plants, which is why I have even more Salvias.

This obviously lead to me sorting out some pots….

And finally I’ve started my latest longer term project.

The path in the back garden is full of weeds and moss. Whoever laid it put a layer of gravel on top of the (very thin) weed suppressant fabric which combined with the gravel stabilisers has resulted in it being a series of well drained small pots of weed. We tried pulling stuff up and my husband has been having a great time with his weed burner but we are losing the battle and I won’t use herbicide.

So I spend a few hours a day (weather and time permitting)

  • lifting a section
  • allowing the stabilisers to dry out in the sun before brushing off the roots/moss
  • pushing out the stones embedded in the root clumps onto a sheet, allowing it to dry out
  • sieving the gravel out of the stone mixture (the gravel is helping improve drainage and levelling out the lawn)
  • putting a fresh layer of weed suppressant fabric (reusing what had been on the veg patch), then the stabiliser and filling with stones.

It’s a slow process but I have a comfortable chair and I lose track of time in the process. I’m in no rush and I get a lot of joy from the improvement. It’s very therapeutic.

I forgot to do a before but here is a less mossy patch compared to a completed section

That’s pretty much it for the moment, I love every minute I get to spend out in it.

And now, as it’s still raining, I get to update my Garden Journal with my fabulous new stencils from @CraftingSpratt (while fighting the urge to re-do all my plant records so the match)