May & June 2021

Blogging would be less of a faff if I did it regularly. I guess I’m good at procrastination.

It would also help if my laptop would load Twitter today, so instead off pinching pictures directly off my posts I’m having to email them from my phone. It’s some sort of Karmic punishment. Anyway less whinging….

Crocheting has faded into the background during June but I did try to stick with #AmiguruMay2021.

It started with a few of my Baby Aliens thanks to Elizabeth at HedgeBuddies giving me a prod re a certain SciFi franchise having a special day at the start of the month. Then I took the opportunity to tackle a bunny pattern from SvetaCrochetPattern.

So here’s Una and Cinnamon.

I had so much fun working on them and then I got carried away and starting making them a whole wardrobe. I thought it wise to take a break to work on other things, but I lost June mainly to the garden.

There was the usual baking and a project with my daughter. She has two well loved How To Train Your Dragon t-shirts that she’s outgrown. So rather than move them to the recycling she asked if we could turn them into a cushion cover.

It was slightly tricky as they were different sizes so the neck and arm holes didn’t line up and required working around plus a bit of stretching but I think we did a reasonable job together.

I almost forgot I did the #ybh7datchallenge on Instagram which was fun and helped me stay in the habit of posting (almost) daily

Next month’s blog should be fuller as we have a few projects lined up for over the Summer Holidays plus I should be starting back with my Residential Care Home Craft Classes.