March 2021

Has gone on forever! February is a distant memory.

Not sure if that means I’ve been busy or if it’s because my sleep cycle is completely shot. My fitness band tells me every morning how badly I’ve slept – I’m like “I KNOW” 😒

Anyway, less grumbling and onto the month. I joined Instagram in February and have been taking part in #MarchMeetTheMaker to help me get into the habit of posting there. I may not have made it every day but I have done the equivalent of at least 1 post a day. Just have to stick at it.

The flower garden blanket has been temporarily put to one side so I could get on with other projects.

I now have the final four #StitchSamplerScrapghanCAL squares completed; Even Berry, Bobble, Braided Cable and Spider Stitch. In the spirit of stash busting some squares are smaller than others but I’ve used the grey border to even them out.

I also re-worked the first 2 weeks’ squares as they were larger than the others.

In between that I finally got some more dragonscale wristwarmers completed. I’ve introduced a new larger size as I realised my original ones were a slim fit.

Next up is working through a “mystery bundle” of yarn I got in January. I like doing this occasionally as it gets me to make things I might not normally think about doing.

Saying that the first ball wasn’t much of a change form the ordinary, King Cole Cottonsoft Crush in blues, this is what I make my elephants inso I made another one (just needs the eyes adding)

Next was some King Cole Yummy in Eton Mess (no I’d never heard of it before) It’s a Chenille effect yarn, very soft, super chunky. Enough for a hat, I started as normal thinking a beanie but it soon became obvious that it should be a beret!

And finally, for March, a ball of Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK in pastel green, this time I did decide to do a beanie but I thought I’d add a bit of rib to it.

There’s also been another wonky pot, but I haven’t finished painting it, so you’ll see that next month.

Hopefully we’ll get more sun in April, which means the focus will be more on the garden but I’ve got a bit more stash busting planned.