February 2021

February has been quite busy for a short month, it doesn’t seem five minutes since my last post!

I started the month by joining the MyHelpful Hints Small Business Directory which is why a large amount of my posts now contain #MHHSBD. They’re a friendly bunch and I’ve already seen an increase to my Twitter impressions, website hits and sales!

I’ve also joined Trustpilot (like a proper grown up) so a review would be greatly appreciated if you have bought something from me.

Thanks to the group’s support I’m now on Instagram (no idea what I’m doing) and I’ve dusted off my Pinterest account, so if you don’t hear from me I’ve got lost down a crafting black hole.

The other confidence boost was winning #QueenOf Dragonscale crochet run by Aqua Design Group

Now to the actual crafting…

My biggest project this month has been continuing the Flower Garden Blanket. The majority of pre-made flowers have been added to it so the next step is making some more.

I really need to get on with some other pieces so progress will be slower from now on but I am grateful to #BCChat for giving me the kick up the backside I needed and the weekly check in with them will mean it doesn’t get stuffed into a cupboard for another year.

The #StitchSamplerScrapghanCAL has also continued so I’m now 2/3rd of the way through. This month we did Elizabeth, Jacob’s Ladder, Basketweave and Tulip stitches.

My main comment about this CAL at the moment is that the squares appear to be on getting smaller and I’m sure it’s not my tension. It’s not too bad but I think I will have to re-do week 1 rather than add another border row to the others. I’m pleased I planned to wait until the end before joining them together

And my final bit of crocheting this month is a contribution to a couple of Woolly Hugs blankets.

I was able to adapt three CAL squares to fit and have finally re-jigged the Control Issues square so it fits a 6 inch. I think it’s my favourite square and it’s nice not having to do a wide border on it.

It wasn’t all crochet this month, inspired by @theweemudhut I got the air-drying clay out and did more than just squish it.

I now have 2 wonky pots which help keep my desk tidy. Next challenge is to make a taller pot although I doubt it will be less wonky. Cannot stress how much I loved doing these.

And then there was the garden.

February has been about seeds, already I’ve seen some successes (seeds I thought were too old to germinate have) and failures (last November’s Sweet Peas seedlings dying off)

The main reason grading is still in the main post and not in one of it’s own is that Sarah at Spratt’s Designs has been tempting me with stencils and I now have a separate Journal for the garden.

There’s going to be a lot of writing this year as I make reference notes for my plants. I intend to split them into Vegetables, Flowers and House Plants. Each month there will be a Check List, a diary and a weather tracker.

This journal being a ring binder means I’m less stressed about making mistakes, which has lead to me making less. As you can see I’m not a great artist but I’m hoping this will help me become more relaxed over my doodles.

Weirdly enough I do have an Art O level but that’s for calligraphy. My handwriting is terrible unless you give me 4 hours and then I can produce something beautiful.

AND THEN when I feel more comfortable I can start filling in my gorgeous journal from Momma Parker. That first blank page terrifies me 😂