January 2021

<taps mic> Is this thing on?

Thought it was about time I started the monthly round up again.

I’m not going to cover the end of last year, I got stuck in a lockdown rut and blogging felt pointless. I’m not sure how exciting this going to be but I think it would be good for me to get some sort of routine back to the site.

I’m won’t be setting myself any targets for 2021, life isn’t “normal” and probably won’t be for a long while yet. I’m going to go with the flow and make the most of when I have my mojo and just accept the need to be slow when I don’t.

Saying that I seem to have been fairly productive this month. Thanks to The Craft Room and Beyond and their Beyond Craft Chat Hour (#BCChat) on a Tuesday night I am finally on my way to finishing my Flower Garden Blanket.

I’ve almost got the grass and sky base done on this new one, then to add a border and then finally add flowers.

I know I finished a granny square one last March but as I worked on it I realised that wasn’t what I actually wanted to do.

It’s been a bit of a slog as I’m working in 4ply (I must be insane) so I’m also taking part in the Hooked on Handmade Stitch Sampler Scrapghan every Friday. We’re 4 weeks in now and it’s been good to try out new stitches, I’m aware I have a few particular favourites that I use over and over again.

First 4 squares

I’ve re-introduced a few different crafts; practicing some lettering techniques and playing with air-drying clay. It’s been lots of fun making pots then squishing them back into a ball.

The baking has continued and I intend to upload more favourite recipes this month. The next one will be ginger beer. I think I’ve got it worked out now although some bottles are more successful than others, there is the occasional one that is flat or goes off like champagne. It adds a whole new level of anticipation.

I’ve started this year’s gardening to mixed success (but that’s how it goes) the garlic planted last November are sprouting well, the sweet peas got nipped by the cold despite being in the little greenhouse, whereas the fuchsias and salvia look fine, and the chilli seeds I started this month are coming along nicely.

Heart shaped chilli leaves

The blackberry and clematis are already showing signs of life and my pots of bulbs are looking good. No snowdrops yet but the hellebore is almost in flower