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June 2020

It’s almost half way through July and we’re still living in Groundhog Day. I’ve still been keeping myself busy in the garden and kitchen which has lead to this post being delayed.

I find it’s the best way for me to cope, I don’t think about the “old normal” and I certainly don’t plan for the new, I’m just grateful that I have space to lose myself in, whether it is knocking back a batch of bread or weeding a border.

I did get some crocheting done, in fact I’m having to take a break now as I seemed to have pulled my left shoulder slightly doing it for so long. I’m not sure how I do this, I make sure I stretch and drop it and adjust my posture but I get a tense knot right under the shoulder blade.

I started the month completing my squares for the Woolly Hugs. This batch will be included in Candy’s Hugs, an ongoing project providing cosy comforting blankets for women going through treatment for cancer. 

Next up was some stash busting, using up oddments of yarn to add to the growing pile of Tweedlemuffs. I was ruthless this time and have included some squares I made years ago for a project I never (and will never) got around to finishing.

There were also some almost full balls that have been in the yarn box for a while, so they made the hats and wrist warmers on the right, with leftovers included in the Tweedlemuffs

And finally, I saw this adorable pattern on Facebook from Anastasia Kirs. She works embroidery thread on a 1mm hook, but I’m doing these FlowerTots on DK and 3mm.

I have continued through July with another 8 heads completed, all different and shoulder permitting will get the bodies finished soon.

We also have new member of the team, ‘Edna.

So I’m now running out of procrastination reasons to upload new-ish pieces to the shop.

Baking also continued during June with another couple of new recipes tried out; Sourdough muffins and crumpets, Lime drizzle cake and my mum’s lemon cordial.

And finally there’s the garden.

A lot of the month was taken up with weeding. Fingers crossed we’re getting on top of the mares tail; I do a daily morning check and pull any visible heads and it seems to be working.

The couch grass is an ongoing battle, but we keep hammering it, I’m yanking it out by the roots and my husband gets to play with his weed burner keeping the stuff in the path under control. I can’t see us ever irradiating it, we won’t use weed killer (not that I think it does much good) and it’s under the path’s weed suppressant fabric which acts as a reservoir for runners.

On the plus side, we’re now at a harvesting stage. The first early potatoes have all been eaten, so the greenhouse has been set up for tomatoes. I think next yearI will go for 6 plants not 4 and maybe try cucumbers.

I then had a potting up day; I’d got some herb plug plants from Morgans and my husband had a selection of chilli plants.

And finally, a case of musical chairs for my daughter’s cacti and terrariums.