So I got a butternut squash…

I love butternut squash, unfortunately I’m the only one here who does. So when I get one it’s a mix of “Mine all mine” and “how am I going to eat all this?” So I batch cook, mainly soup.

However last week I was very ambitious in my purchasing (and I should have taken a picture of the monster squash before I cut it in half

I find the easiest way to cook a squash is to roast it, and as I’d made bread this morning I thought it was a good time to deal with this squash that had been taking over my veg basket


Yes that’s my big roasting tray. Normally I split an onion in half for the cavity, but this one got a whole onion in each side. Then drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkle of herbs


I got almost 2kgs of roast squash.

These will go in the freezer (with the onion) as a base for soup. Add some stock, blend it up, done! I sometimes added roasted bell peppers, lentils, chilli, depends how I feel.

There’s hardly any waste when I cook a squash. The skin has gone back in the oven with a sprinkle of salt to make “crisps” and the seeds have also been roasted with paprika.

I sometimes use the seeds with the soup as croutons, you get a little hit of chilli amongst the creaminess of the soup.