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May 2020

This month seems to have gone faster, although I’m still finding it difficult to differentiate between individual days. The good weather makes lockdown easier, you’re never bored with a garden and I am immensely grateful for that

I finished my Wild wheat shawl, although it turned out I’d got ahead of myself and not read the pattern properly. This meant I had to tweak the border (twice) but alls well that ends well and I really like how it’s turned out. One day I’ll do it again properly.

I need to set aside time to take listing pictures for the shop. There’s getting to be quite a large bag of work looking accusingly at me.

I also got some yarn from a blanket group I occasionally contribute to and with it I made 5 12inch and 7 6inch squares. I still need to weave the ends in but they should be posted out by the end of this week

Update 2/6/20 – all done

I’ve been busy in the kitchen again this month, not just bread, rolls and pizza, I’ve tried sourdough crumpets, lemon drizzle cake and chocolate brownies (I’ll put the recipes up later)

The rest of the month I have been in the garden. And sometimes just sitting reading in it, I got three new gardening books this month:

  • Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland: What to Grow and How to Grow It by Kenneth Cox & Caroline Beaton
  • RHS Your Wellbeing Garden: How to Make Your Garden Good for You – Science, Design
  • RHS Miniature Garden Grower: Terrariums & Other Tiny Gardens to Grow Indoors & Out by Holly Farrell

They should keep us busy for a while…

We got our first batch of early potatoes up last weekend. Should have left them for a few more weeks but I honestly couldn’t wait any longer, and they were delicious

The rest of the potatoes are growing well and we’ve tarted to earth them up. Next year I’ll remember to dig a deeper trench when we plant them.

I’ve managed to get all the way down the left hand border removing couch grass and horsetail. I know they are still lurking, so I’m weeding on a regular basis and my husband gets to play with his weed burner about once a week.

I did jinx the corner flower bed slightly last month saying how well riddling the soil worked, but it only takes a couple minutes each week to keep it clear and everything has recovered from being dug up and replanted

This month’s task is to tackle the weeds in the path and tidy up the lawn edges, I’m letting the grass grow long but the cat treats the overhang as a salad bar.

I received an order from JParkers last week of summer bedding, I wasn’t quite ready for it and so everything is a little crammed. Once I get some more planters I’ll thin them out

But I’ll finish off today with some pictures of from the front garden