Sourdough Bread Starter

There is a lot out there on sourdough and it’s worth reading about. I used to make it a few years back but am totally out of practice so I’m doing a couple of posts so I can access my favourite recipes without having to scroll through the science every time.

I thought I better start from the beginning with my starter, who we’ve called Bob.

I’d been thinking about sourdough as it became obvious that yeast was in short supply. A friend posted this article a couple of weeks back and that gave me the nudge I needed.

I feed Bob every day with 40 gms each of strong wholemeal flour & water, and can making 2 loaves a week while keeping him a steady size. Feels wasteful to throw starter out.

Bob is now kept on the side in an unclipped 1 litre Ikea Korken jar with the rubber seal removed. Reduces the chances of spillage but allows it to “breathe”

This article is useful if you want to keep a smaller starter