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Garden February/March 2020

February was wet and I spent most of it grumbling that I couldn’t get out in it. We ended up planting our first early potatoes in tubs because they were determined to grow, luckily we had somewhere to store them so they weren’t outside and *fingers crossed* we should get decent crop off them.

Note to self: do not buy seed potatoes as soon as they appear in the garden centre, wait until end February.

I built the smaller greenhouse at the end of February and we were able to put 3 of the potato tubs inside, the 4th had to stay outside for a week until I got the larger one built but it appears to have recovered from the colder conditions. We now have 2 potato tubs in each greenhouse and they have done a great job in making sure they didn’t blow away this weekend.

Once the weather started to warm up, I began re-digging the vegetable plot and as the shutdown has scuppered the removal of the wood left from the garage replacement a bit of repurposing.

Everything was dumped between ours and our neighbours’ garages. This is the area I want to be our wildlife patch, so I spend a few hours moving things about to clear some space. One of the remaining garage door now blocks off the lane but gives me space to plant the buddleja. It’s not quite where I wanted it bit I don’t want it getting trod on if/when the workmen return. I’ve also stacked up the smaller pieces as a woodpile for insects.

The area still has part of it’s lump, so I’ve tried to level that out and also turn over some of the turf/buttercups. I’ve then scattered the Seedball Wildflower Oddball mix so hopefully they have a fighting chance against the more pernicious growth.

It’s a bit rough but we’re not going to be walking there very often and I can’t imagine the local wildlife being to bothered.

The next job was reusing some of the planks left behind to quarter up the plot, after which I built the larger greenhouse

THEN I could get started sowing seeds. In the larger greenhouse we have sweet peas, calendula, leeks (but old seeds so I don’t think they will grow), basil, parsley, butternut squash, tomatoes and mixed salad leaves. The smaller greenhouse has carrots in the black tubs, I’m hoping they will be too high up for carrot fly to get to.

The last week of March saw the rest of the potatoes and onions planted. The potatoes take up half the plot so we’ll need to ease back a bit next year with them. The plan was to let them clear the soil so we didn’t have to do too much, we didn’t expect to have so much free time ahead of us.

Will finish off with the largest rhubarb root, I can’t wait to start harvesting it. Will clear all the bulbs growing around it once they have flowered and then transfer the bluebells to the wild patch