January 2020

This month has felt very long, which is probably why I’ve been able to write this post on the 28th.

Already settled back into the routine of Crochet & Residential Care Home Classes, in the latter we were making pictures to fit into fridge magnet photo frames. In between classes I’ve been busy crocheting and even a little gardening.

I’ve had two commissions this month, one can be shared fully, the other I can only post “teasers”

First up a “Baby Alien” who may seem familiar, the pattern is from It’s written in US terms and states Size 4 yarn on Size G & H hooks, which I think is aran weight on 4 & 5mm.

I had DK in my stash so worked him on a 3.5mm hook and he ended up about 15cm tall. He was fun to make and it’s always rewarding to get good feedback.

The second commission is for a gift, and I’ll update this post once it’s been given. In the meantime…

Also worked in Stylecraft Special DK, their range of colours is the best I found so far for amigurumi, but on a 2.5mm hook this time which gives a very dense finished fabric. Again I’m really pleased how she turned out and can’t wait to show her off.

I’m not in the habit of buying Crochet magazines but earlier this month I was sheltering in the local Co-op from the rain and ended up browsing the rack where Crochet Now tempted me with their Beanie Hat size guides.

Once I got back home I natuarally had to justify my purchase so I made two beanies, adult and child sized, using DK King Cole Riot in Volcano. Both are in treble crochet and I alternated front and back post to make the ribbing.

These size guides are not an essential piece of kit but it does save faffing about with a tape measure (or trying out on my head).

In between commissions and hats I have been back working on my Flower blanket. I’ve changed my mind on how I’m going to lay it out, rather than a traditional flower grouping per blanket, there’s going to be drifts of flowers going across the whole thing so it looks more like a flower bed.

I’ve got the blanket squares crocheted together and a border added this month and am about half way through making all the flowers required with roses, forget-me-nots, foxgloves, cornflowers, honeysuckle, dusty miller & gypsophila completed.

I still have violet, delphinium, sweet pea, peony, hydrangea & lisianthus to finish.

Originally this post was going to include a short update on the garden. It ended up doubling the size of the post so I’ve given it it’s own piece.