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Magnetic photo frames

I wanted to introduce something new to the residential care home craft classes this month and my original plan was to decorate fridge magnets. However once I began to investigate what was available it became apparent that the magnets would be too small for some of the residents. 

A slight change of approach was required so instead I sourced some magnetic photo holders which can hold pictures up to 4 x 6 inches (10 x 15 cm). Rather than decorate the magnet itself we would make pictures to go in them and they could be re-used by residents to hold photographs.

I didn’t want to be prescriptive in the type of picture to be done, so I brought in a selection of coloured pencils, pens, stencils, decorative papers to be cut up, glue & washi tape.

There was a mixed response to this project, some people feel out of their comfort zone when offered a lot of options but others embrace it and I like to give them the opportunity to use their imaginations.