December 2019

Nearly forgot to do this post, the “annual review” ticked off the “I’ve summarised stuff” in my head, but thanks to my second year of Bullet Journalling I’m being slightly more organised.

Everything is out of kilter in December; there’s not enough time to do a full crochet class if anyone is even in the mood to learn crochet in the face of Christmas and my residential care home classes get pulled forward a week so they don’t overrun into the holiday period.

But things still happen. I started my month with the second ArtSpace G41 Christmas Fayre. It was a bitterly cold day which probably reduced the footfall but was still a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Thanks to the husband staring the printer into submission I was able to get all my work labelled and I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount and variety I have in stock

As always with yarn based products the issue is finding the fine line between having enough stock on your table and it not looking like a jumble sale. I’ll be honest, I know I verge into jumble sale, I need to get some hanging displays sorted out for next year.

The fairs are a lot of fun and it gives me an idea of what people like, I’m still not that comfortable selling my own work but it is getting a lot easier.

Next up was making Christmas decorations at the residential homes, I’d introduced a couple of different projects and I was delighted at how popular they were with the residents and staff.

Then I decided to have a go at making my own Christmas cards (nothing like leaving it to the last minute) and even made some origami stars from a Lidl kit. I tend to avoid craft kits, the instructions are usually bad, particularly with regards to knitting and crochet but this was’t too bad and I was quite happy with my results.

After that I did a bit of sweet making and baking before Christmas hit, and I will get round to making a recipe section on here at some point.

At least this year I didn’t have a last minute panic of learning to Tunisian Crochet before the bells but instead have been able to enjoy some reading and start back on my flower blanket. This project will be a priority as I go into January as I really want to see how it turns out.

To finish off, here are some extra flowers I made for it.