Cards for home

Sometimes crafting for classes means I don’t get time to craft for myself. I thought this year would be the same but I sat down early in December and decided to do a batch of Christmas cards

During the residential class in November myself and a resident decided to make a card from offcuts and I was really impressed at how it turned out. I don’t like waste and I’ve amassed quite a substantial pile of paper strips so I thought it would be an interesting exercise to mix them up for my own cards. It would also mean that each card would be unique and I like the idea of that.

I hit Hobbycraft as usual for a range of card toppers; owls, stars, trees, poinsettias, snowflakes etc.

The process of making the cards was quite straightforward, the strips were glued onto the front of the cards and then trimmed to fit. My guillotine was a great help, it would have taken much longer by hand and not been as neat.

The next step was adding an inner greeting. Normally I would use this as an excuse to use my calligraphy set but this time I raided my stamp set as I had to do a few and was short for time.

Once that was done, it was the final and fun part of adding the embellishments.