2019 Review

Last year’s review was quite useful in helping me set targets so I’m giving it another go.

2019’s Targets

Continue classes at Wool Haven and residential homes

  • In 2018
    • 7 sets of beginners classes & 1 intermediate  at the Wool Haven
    • A full year of residential home classes at 5 homes plus a new one started in September.
  • 2019 was disrupted slightly by a house move but we still managed to squeeze in
    • 7 sets of beginners and 2 mornings each of Tunisian and Amigurumi introductions.
    • Thanks to the lurgy I missed doing residential home classes in January so didn’t get a full set there. On the plus side a new class started in September which takes me up to seven!

Populate online shop with stock

Started that in June, so not as good as it could have been but I am getting better at keeping it up to date.

Blog more

I introduced a monthly summary in addition to project based posts. Have added gardening posts since we moved house. Was able to try out a couple of new crafts this year such as pompom rugs, tie-dyeing and resin flower making

  • 46 posts in 2017
  • 24 posts in 2018
  • 52 in 2019

More weaving

This hasn’t happened but I hope to start that in the new year. I did introduce circular weaving to the residential home classes

More Tunisian crochet

Not much practical work, although I have started a stitch sample square blanket. We’ve also run two mornings of “An Introduction to Tunisian Crochet” at the Wool Haven

More craft fairs

I did two!


Slow improvements but sustainable ones.

Next Year’s Targets

  • Continue with crochet and residential home classes
    • Run an intermediate crochet class
  • Complete my flower blanket
  • Add more sample stitch square to Tunisian blanket
  • Get loom set up and more weaving
  • Try out a few more different crafts
  • Set up a vegetable garden and wildlife patch
  • Keep blogging
  • Keep shop up to date

Header photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels