October Gardening

A short post for this month as it’s mainly been a waiting game for the garage to be replaced.

I did get to strim the area to the right of the garage which involved removing some bricks, glass and discarded cut branches. This also uncovered a “lump” running between the two garages where the ground level rose about a foot.

I’m pleased I didn’t do any more in this area because the workmen arrived last week to start on the garage and even knowing it’s condition I was amazed at how quick they were at dismantling it.

I hardly got anything done the first day the crew were here, it was fascinating watching the mini-digger lift the old concrete base. They dug quite a bit further into the area I cleared so I’m pleased I didn’t get any bulbs planted.

The spoilsports took it away at the end of day 1 which scuppered my plan of getting the veg garden dug quickly 😀

I can’t really describe the next day as Day 2, they got the ground prepared and concrete laid by mid morning. So now we wait for the concrete to cure and they should return mid November to put up the new garage.

This all should have been done a few months ago and I had hoped to go into winter with the veg patch bed dug over ready to be frosted. Will probably have to leave it as is now until spring.

The wildflower patch to the right will need a bit more thought as they carved a strip out of it. I am considering moving the ferns (which were to the left of the structure) to under the trees at the back. It will give me another (shady) border near the back gate and I can plant something that won’t obstruct the path.

I’m going to finish off today’s post with the plants I’ve been given this month. (this blog is useful is less likely to get lost than the scrap of paper I have them scribbled on)

  • Agapanthus – one pot white flowers and one pot blue, these will not go direct into the garden as need to move to shelter over winter.
  • Cowslip – in seed, must plant very soon. These eventually will go in the wildflower area
  • Muscari – grape hyacinth, short term going in pots. There are a lot of native bluebells in the side borders and I don’t ant these to compete with them
  • Alliums = again going in pots possibly in front garden