Odds and ends

We’ve been popping into garden centres the last few weeks in case there were any end of season bargains that could be useful for next year’s gardening and I’ve discovered my daughter is a pity gardener; she likes to rescue plants from the clearance section.

So we’ve got a few unplanned acquisitions. I find that plants either thrive or die when I’m looking after them so we’ll have to see how they do.

The very spiky rose on the left was only 25p! I’ve cut off all the dead and spindly bits and planted it in fresh compost. I’m not sure where it will end up but we’ll probably pair it with the miniature rose on the right that has now survived it’s third house-move. I’m going to keep it in a pot for the foreseeable future, the digging up & re-planting has taken it toll, especially this last one.

We added some of the new additions to the left hand border in front of the climbers.

Top left is a Phlox, it did have blue flowers when we got it, but a bloom snapped off during planting and the rest have now finished, It should attract plenty of bees next summer.

Next is one of my favourites, a Lupin. It doesn’t look much now but it’s flowers will add spikes of colour to that border.

And finally, we picked up a pot with 3 different coloured Antirrhinum, I know these aren’t very hardy so I plan to put a bit of fleece over in winter, and if we do lose them, I can always try again with seed next year.

There’s also been a few heathers and a small conifer (I should be grateful my husband didn’t come home with something suitable for Christmas.) They’re for the front garden which will have a post of it’s own at some point.