All the Rs

Continuing tidying the fruit section of the left hand border, I renovate the Redcurrant bush, remove some rampaging Raspberries and reposition some Rhubarb. And that’s enough of the alliteration.

There’s about 6 metres left to clear but it’s got the most growing in it. Left to right there’s Raspberries, a Lavender (under a lot of couch grass) 4 roots of Rhubarb in front of more raspberries, even more raspberries, and then a simple fruit cage, 2 posts with netting tied to them and the fence, over a very dense Redcurrant and yes, more raspberries.

Just out of shot is the Worcesterberry from the previous work. I decided to continue from that area, clearing and opening up the Redcurrant.

First off was removing the netting and posts so I could get in to it. The bush (and raspberries) had grown through the netting, so I found it easier to cut rather than try to extract 6 inches of growth. It was quite east to remove the posts and I have put them to one side for future use.

I think I removed 5 or 6 small raspberry canes that were growing around and through the redcurrant, which have all been handed on to new homes. I’m not sure how grateful people will be, they are very spiky!

I’ve opened up the centre of the plant as there were a lot of branches crossing over and rubbing. There may not be as much fruit on next year but I will be able to get to it all easily.

The raspberry plants are in full fruit at the moment and as it’s my favourite I plan to get as many as possible. I did remove some of the smaller runners which were added to the give away pile and then staked a few of the bigger overhanging canes. I’ll set up a proper support system for them next year.

There was a very large Rhubarb root in front of the raspberries. It’s a little early but I lifted it and moved it to the end of the garden near the gate. There’s a about 1 meter of empty space there. It gets sun and is well drained as is about 8 inches higher than the lane.

I still have the other small roots to harvest next year. If the large root transplants successfully I can then move another root next autumn/winter.