Just a little brute strength

Day 2 in the garden, tidying the first section of the border had taken me up to the Winter Flowering Jasmine. It had grown through & over one of the lavenders overflowing onto the path.

But before any further gardening took place an important addition had to be installed. I want to encourage as much wildlife as possible and a feeding station is a quick way to do that.

Since that picture was taken I have added some supporting legs as they always seem to develop a wobble and an extra hook. There’s niger seed, a mixed seed with meal worms, fat balls and water and I will be adding peanuts when I remember to pick some up!

I know this isn’t the time of year birds really require feeding but I want them to be used to it before winter sets in, we’ve already had great tits, coat tits, robins, magpies and, of course, stock doves visit.

Back to the gardening and the Winter Flowering Jasmine. It was really overgrown with a lot of woody stems and was leaning out towards the path. I wasn’t sure how I would train it back up without making it look forced. Luckily it had self set some young plants which were in a much better position.

So all I needed to do was remove the old plant….. Which sounds simple enough.

First step was cutting it back it and removing the lavender it had grown through so I could see where to dig.

The lavender was one of four in the garden, all of the same type. It was easy to remove and I had a different variety from my previous garden ready to replace it.

The lavenders had been in full bloom and covered in bees when we moved in but had finished flowering at this point.

It took a lot of digging, root cutting and grunting to lift the root ball but I did it. It weighed a tonne! I know I haven’t got all the roots out but I can work on that.

All that needed doing then was putting up more trellis and fasten the two smaller jasmine plants to the fence.

Unlike the clematis & honeysuckle sections there had been none on that section of fence. It was easy enough to cut the plastic trellis roll into two to bridge between two fence posts and cover the height of the fence.

That’s taken me to nearly half way down the border, next up will be the fruit section.