Getting dug in

(Oh yes, there’s a whole new world of bad puns I can tap into now ?)

As I said in my previous post I intended to tidy up the left hand border of the garden first. It’s a good length so I knew it would take a few days.

As you walk from the house to the gate there are 4 overgrown lavender in front of a clematis, honeysuckle & winter flowering jasmine. Then there’s a big patch of rhubarb, raspberry canes, redcurrant (under netting) followed by gooseberry and an blueberry in front of a really large thornless bramble and finally a 4 ft gap before the back fence,

My first job was to support the climbers which where growing through the lavenders, which with a bit of pruning changed the first section from this:

To this!

I try to avoid plastic in the garden whenever possible but the square plastic trellis is really easy to put up, requires no maintenance and will (hopefully) end up covered in plants.

There’s one bloom on the honeysuckle, so I think it’s a late flowerer; it will get a good prune back in early spring. I don’t know what type the clematis is so it will also get a hard prune back to renovate it.

So with only a little cursing (as I hammered up the trellis) both the clematis & honeysuckle are now heading in the right direction at the end of day 1