Bramble patch

Day 3.

For the first few days I worked the border from the house towards the back gate, I didn’t want to continue that as next up was the raspberries which were just starting to fruit. So instead I started from the back gate, which had weeds coming in from the back lane and worked back towards the house.

This area was dominated by a huge blackberry plant I felt a bit like Sleeping Beauty every time I tried to get past it. Fortunately it was a thornless variety or this next part could have been involved a lot more bloodshed. It had almost finished fruiting and it was getting difficult to access the remaining fruit.

Blackberries fruit on last year’s growth, so all I had to do was cut back anything old (pulling any remaining fruit) to see what I had left. I was amazed there wasn’t many young plants spreading from it, especially as the raspberries were rampaging across the garden. There were a couple growing far from the fence so I carefully lifted them and they have been handed on.

Once I had pruned the blackberry back I tied it off to the fence, this is a short term measure as I plan to string supporting wire through O-hooks. I’ve pruned these back very severely and “pinched” out the ends so I can gain control of where they are going. This will restrict the fruit production next year but the year after should be much better.

Now the blackberry was away from the Worcesterberry (red gooseberry) & Blueberry I was able to thin out the overgrowth of the former, and neaten the shape of the latter which had grown leggy in competition for light.

I’ve also planted a Huckleberry which has been given to me. From what I;ve read they are very similar to blueberries. I’ve not grown or tried them before and I’m pleased to say it has fruit already, just need to cross my fingers and hope they ripen.

Next up will be the middle section *gulps*