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A walk in the garden

We’ve recently moved and our new home has a much larger garden. I come from a family of gardeners and have a lot of plans for this space.

I can see the garden taking priority over crafting during the summer months and thought it might be an idea to record my progress here as I’m trying to stay in the habit of blogging.

We’ve been here almost 2 months and I’ve done a few days already so rather than doing a really long post I’m going to break up my work into section, starting off with a tour of how it looked as we moved in.

This is the view from a bedroom window. As you can see it’s a decent size, there’s a gravel path separating the left hand border from the lawn and what will be the vegetable plot. We know there’s Mare’s tail under the the weed suppressant fabric. I battled that on an allotment we had about 10 years ago and I can’t say I’m up to a re-match. The discussion is now whether to invest in raised beds, a cost vs effort analysis.

The garden faces roughly south west so the sunlight travels down the garden meaning even the sections either side of the garage gets light. The garage is falling down and due to be replaced, so I’m not tackling the areas next to it until after that is completed.

The border is the first area to be tackled.

This border is very lush, and there’s a lot of intermingling of plants. First job will be to prune back, identify what there is and provide support for plants that need it.

The second area to tackle is to the right of the garage. It’s been left to grow wild and I plan to “enhance” that. Right now it’s full of brambles, couch grass and creeping buttercups. I’d like to see a greater variation of wild flowers.

I’m going to stick in the RHS link for wildflower maintenance here so I have it handy 🙂 A fair bit of mowing and cutting removal for the first year or so. Luckily I have a garden waste bin so these won’t go in my compost bin, I don’t want to help the invasive plants spread.