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Autumn Wreaths

My original plan for this month’s project was to make wreaths using fallen leaves. It appears I was premature in my programming as there are hardly any fallen leaves about. Looking back I see we did the leaf printing in October last year.

I needed a Plan B, fortunately I had a LOT of tissue paper left over from last month’s decoupage so I selected Autumnal leaf colours; greens, yellow, orange, red & brown and set to cutting out different leaf shapes.

It’s not as big a job as you might think as I folded the sheets so that I could cut 16 out at a time, the fiddly bit was separating them.

Next was the base of the wreath, my first plan would have involved either florist wire wreath bases or florist sponge (the second as a last resort as the texture makes my teeth itch)

Again my luck was in, I still had a lot of boxes left over from the house move, some were not good enough to hand on for packing but still too good to be consigned to the recycling. I marked out circles using a plate on the good pieces cut out a rather large pile.

These bases would be fine to use as long as they were covered fully in the the paper leaves. I am aware that some of the residents do not have the best fine motor skills and that gaps would show. I always tell them there is no wrong when it comes to these classes but at the same time I am aware that they do judge themselves on their final results.

I decided to paint the cardboard so that they wouldn’t feel that they had to cover every inch. It took two afternoons and a borrow of my husbands workroom (so that the cat didn’t leave paw prints)

Finally putting them all together. I added a hanging ribbon to each wreath before we started attaching the paper leaves. Pritt stick worked perfectly especially in the warmer days we had this last week, allowing leaves to be carefully removed and repositioned if required.