July & August 2019

Despite this being a double month, there’s been very little crafting going on. Life got in the way with summer holidays and a house move.

Things are still a little upside down and I don’t have a dedicated craft space yet but that should be sorted in the next few months. What it has allowed already is for me to get back into the kitchen and there’s already been a few batches of bread and assorted other baking going on. Additionally there’s a bigger garden with the opportunity for some vegetable growing, so next year should include some posts on that.

So back to the point of this post. I started July completing the granny square for my flower blanket and even managed a few extra blooms before it had to be packed away.

While this was on hold I took my “odds & ends” bag away with me on holiday and started work on some more Twiddle Muffs. I have completed three now and started on a fourth but they’re somewhere safe. I’m sure they’ll turn up once I finish tidying cupboards post move.

Classes continued as best we could, both the Wool Haven & residential homes were very considerate at allowing me to tweak classes around moving dates.

We were able to run an amigurumi/ basket crochet class & introduction to Tunisian crochet as well as the standard crochet for beginners class.

Obviously there’s been two different sets of residential craft classes; circular weaving and decoupaging picture frames.

The first had a muted response although some residents loved it. Luckily decoupage is always received well so I like to add it in to the program as the session after a new project.

So that’s it. Still got some unpacking to do but hopefully be able to be more crafty as life returns to normal.