June 2019

Another month has flown past and that’s still my excuse for the delayed post. Which is additionally embarrassing as it’s such a short one. ?

I had hoped to complete all the squares for my flower blanket but due to classes, impromptu furniture painting and a lost crochet hook I’m about a week behind where I should be.

The highlight of the month was I won a competition! This fabulous hand carved spoon made by Carveryn. It’s very tactile. I haven’t found a use for it yet as I’m still at the pick it up and feel the texture stage.

Hand carved wooden spoon

June contained a full set of beginners’ crochet classes at the Wool Haven and we’ve been putting our heads together planning out another 2 session class to offer people, more on that later in the year.

I introduced Button Art to the residential classes, which had a mixed response. A couple of the residents really liked it but not enough for me to consider doing it next year. This happens sometimes but it’s worth bringing in different techniques because sometimes they love them.

With us having a few nice days I took the opportunity to spruce up some small items of furniture, the shelf unit will need another couple of coats and hopefully I’ll be able to finish it in July.

I also put another couple of coats of fence life on the bench and table from last year. Fence life is very easy to use which it needs to be as you have to reapply it every year.